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The Epic Adventures in Dragonsvale - The Blood Moon

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The Epic Adventures in Dragonsvale - The Blood Moon is a very popular book written by Sai Jahnave Mandyam.

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The Blood Moon was upon them this year. And there was no way to escape it this time. A lot of bombshells have been dropping onto the trainees and the employees at the Headquarters. A new CEO, and jealousy and hatred all over. The Reso Realm incident was something no one would be able to get past. And dreadful secrets were revealed to all- secrets they didn’t want to know. Their wonderful times were coming to an end. It had too- if the action was to begin. Traumatizing events had taken place. Things that scarred everybody but Marilette. But the one that was coming…they had no idea. Marilette was just as curious as she always was, until that curiosity landed her in a pit of Prophecies and magic from which she couldn’t crawl her way out of. Will this change her whole perspective of her world? Or will it make that world come crashing down? Join Marilette as she uncovers deep, dark secrets about herself and her destiny. A destiny she doesn’t know whether she will fulfill and get out of alive.

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The Epic Adventures in Dragonsvale - The Blood Moon